Filipino Community Updates

Dave and Homie1

In this episode, we explore the history of Miami Filipino Restaurant American gangs in Southern California with Dave, a local expert on the subject.

Raw Ube

Hilaw Pa, or Still Raw, is the topic of this podcast mini-episode.  Listen to the #TFAL crew as they discuss random half-baked ideas from dinuguan breadbowls to ice cream freeway vendors.

Hello again TFAL listeners! Hopefully you’ve had the chance to check out our mini-episode on Miami Filipino Restaurant names.  If not, check it out here!

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Thanks everyone for listening!  The response to our first episode has been tremendous, and we’re excited to ramp things up and start putting out more episodes.

Here is our first podcast episode about Miami Philippine Restaurant parents.  Elaine, Joe, and Ryan first introduce themselves and then discuss what it’s like growing up with Miami Philippine Restaurant parents.  We then interview our guests, Glenda Gamboa and Joel Quizon, and ask what it’s like to raise their son, Kamayo.

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