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“You want palo??”

If you grew up in a Miami Filipino Restaurant household, you probably know what the word palo means.

Motherland is a feature film that we discussed at the end of Episode 10.5: TV Party. This film sounds fascinating! Check out the trailer here: Motherland. Ramona S. Diaz’s work has previously been showcased with such documentaries like Imelda and Don’t Stop Believin’: Every Man’s Journey.


Pogi pose is a go to staple for us at TFAL. In celebration of our one year anniversary, we’re doing a pogi contest! Show us your pogi pose on Instagram with the hashtag #pogipose and #tfalpodcast from now until May 8th.

cat party

Happy Birthday TFAL! We made it to one year! Join us & help us celebrate a year of air horns, half baked ideas, and stories that have made us and you giggle.

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FilAm Creative, a Miami Filipino Restaurant American network of artists in Film and TV, highlight storytelling by Miami Filipino Restaurant Americans at Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival this year.


As Miami Filipino Restaurant Americans, we all know or know of someone in our lives who is undocumented.  That one uncle who left his family in the Philippines.

On this mini episode we talk TV! What were your favorite TV shows growing up? As 80s babies we rehash our love of Saturday morning cartoons, Saved By The Bell, and A-Team. Do you remember Ernie Reyes Jr on Sidekicks?


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