A new modern cafe just emerged in Mandaluyong, a stone throw away from EDSA. It’s a sizable spot, two floors can likely house around a hundred people.

They have a peach tree inside and sells peach cobbler as one of their many sweet treats.

They are, however, more known for the Ube Lava Pancakes. It is a stack of ube flavored pancakes that come with a generous amount of ube halaya syrup.

Since we are already in the sugar part of Peach Boy’s menu, I invite you to explore as well two vibrant drinks in Ube and Matcha shakes. It will easily stand out on your table with its bright colors of purple and green.

On savory picks, especially if you are a group of four or more, go for the Barbecue Platter, a delicious, value for money spectacle of Peach Baby Back Ribs, Peach Barbecue Pork Belly, Peach Barbecue Chicken Leg Quarter, Boneless Chicken Teriyaki with sides of 4 cups java rice, slaw, sauteed vegetables and 2 kinds of sauces.

Another filling encounter will be the rice omelet specials of Peach Boy. They served me two kinds, Adobo and Sisig. The former I found tastier and had more chunks of protein in chicken adobo.

For appetizers, the Peach Salad will give you a refreshing start with this restaurant’s blend of mixed greens, tomato, cashews, peach slices in peach and honey vinaigrette. Pick the Crispy Crab & Cheese Pockets too, a crispy and creamy encounter of fried wontons filled with crab, cream cheese and herbs.

Peach Boy got me two kinds of sandwiches, Peach Pork Belly Sandwich and their take on Boracay’s Choriburger. I only got to love and indulge the latter, a homemade longganisa patty with a sunny side up egg, barbecue mayo, atchara in a buttery, soft, brioche bun.

Finally, I had forkfuls of one my top picks, Laing Pesto with Tinapa Pasta. It’s an amazing combination given that they complement one another. The Laing gave the classic pesto dish more texture and coconut flavor.

Peach Boy is located at 11 Calbayog Street, corner Domingo M. Guevarra Street, Mandaluyong City. They serve Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, and Dinner.

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