It was a unique invite last week as Shopwise Sucat (free parking here, folks!) invited me to experience their 21st-anniversary gift to its customers. They call this 21 Tastic Treats, a catalog of exclusive Shopwise discounts from more than a hundred partner brands.

So I had a challenge, budget a house warming party for around 21 family and friends for just Php 2,100! I was able to make it, believe it or not; I only exceeded a peso.

Spaghetti check, Cheese purchased. I also got Chicken Thigh and Drumsticks, which gave me 500 grams more, Drinks that either came with Chips or a bundle that’s much more affordable. Piattos were only Php 12 for two and Digestives were at Php 20 off. Even my Tissues came with extra dinner napkins!

I loaded up with sweets, and I kicked off by availing a sizable, decadent Chocolate Cake for just Php 199 (Php 99 off)! The Ensaymadas were Buy 1 Cheese, get Ube variety as complimentary.

On Ice Cream, every gallon came with a pint. Both Nestle and Selecta participated. If you’re wondering why I got banana, I prepared Banana Splits!

Thank you Shopwise for this incredible savings. I was also able to purchase other items with their 21 Tastic Treats campaign. And since I used my Wise Card, I got points as well. You too can catch up; they have it until the end of October. See you there!

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