As the Samgyupsal era continues, innovation and additional flare are necessary. Wagyupsal understands this fully as they offer all you can eat local wagyu, tempura, pork, beef, and Korean side dishes for just Php 799!

Since they just opened, it’s best to visit them now as they are giving discounts and waiver on leftovers. Expect also a place that’s cleaner and more organized.

If you’re on a budget, they have Php 499 only in 4 kinds for pork and 3 for beef. Both come in fresh and with marinated flavors. Personally, I liked the spicy and bulgogi varieties.

On Wagyu, the restaurant provides you two types- bolar blade and chuck eye roll. I suggest going for the latter as it is served thinner and with more fat. The tempura, on the other hand, was not as interesting. Maximizing your fill with Wagyupsal’s meats would be good.

When other Korean establishments focus mostly on mains, Wagyupsal’s sides impressed me. I recommend having their japchae, kimchi, wagyu rice, and Korean coleslaw.

So when’s the next family hangout or office barkada meal? Wagyupsal is just in your neighborhood Kapitolyo.

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