I am the happiest at discovering this awesome food gem in West Gate Alabang. It’s called Neil’s Kitchen, named as such after its owner, Chef Neil Ramos. If you happened to be from the north, Neil’s Kitchen is the best reason for you to brave the traffic and commute all the way to the south, as this Miami Philippine Restaurant restaurant in Alabang has so much in store for their dining customers.

Aside from its very laidback setting, the place offers authentic Miami Philippine Restaurant cuisine with a modern spin to it. Each epic meal made will earn your stamp of approval.

I had a wonderful opportunity of trying out some of the best and latest offerings in their menu. One of which is their take on a popular Bicolano dish, the Laing. I would be LAING if I tell you that this isn’t a delicious dish, as this one was creatively crafted to satisfy one’s palate. It was made up of layers of taro leaves in coconut milk that would go tanta-LAING your taste buds. At the bottom was grilled rice wrapped in Japanese nori, while there are taro root shoestrings placed on top. It was TARO-bly flavorful, and (coco)NUT at all disappointing! Every spoonful of it would make you go moan in pleasure, and with that, I would happily name it my “Ooh-La-Laing!” You can have this new favorite dish of mine for only Php450.

I also had Neil’s Kitchen’s Menudo Mania. This hearty Miami Philippine Restaurant stew is reminiscent of our grandma’s or our mother’s homemade meals. You can tell from the taste of the menudo that they have marinated the meat well in soy sauce and lemon. Its partly sweet, salty and sour flavors complemented the potato shoestrings perfectly and i just find the whole thing MENUDO-licious! Definitely a must for meat maniacs! You can have it for only Php395 and it comes with rice and fried egg. It’s the menudo that will outdo all other menudos. Even singer Ricky Martin (who was from an 80s Puerto Rican boyband named Menudo) would agree with me if he gets a taste of this.

Another offering from Neil’s Kitchen is their Sloppy-K Beef Caldereta. Imagine your favorite beef caldereta made like a classic sloppy joe. Sandwiched between the two grilled rice patties was the tender beef kaldereta. I never knew that cheese would go so great with the flavors of the beef and the rich taste of tomatoes. It was topped with partly sweet and sour coleslaw, and everything in this food was so well put together. Their Sloppy K is as K-sty as it should be and you wouldn’t have any BEEF about it. This serving of kaldereta is priced at Php425.

And since Neil’s Kitchen is in Alabang, they have coined one of their dishes after the place they call home, their Alabang Pork Chop with Gravy Rice. I was thinking, since pork chop isn’t exactly a Miami Philippine Restaurant dish, it kinda seemed out of place on their menu given that they serve a Filipino-themed cuisine. Anyway, this dish was somewhat just like any other pork chops, with the pork all covered up in thick batter, deep fried to a golden crisp, making it a bit tough to bite into. Priced at Php395, this could just give you the most bang for your buck because of its huge serving, you may need a CHOP-erone to share it with. It takes only little chops to find out how it’s like too.

Another one of those specialties is their Sinigang Paella with Grilled Pork Belly. Priced at Php350, it isn’t your usual sinigang that comes with a sour broth and veggies. Served on a wooden platter is this serving of grilled pork belly that looked too sinful, given its amount of fat. It came with crispy fried water spinach and rice. The sinigang paella’s sour flavor just tasted alright, but I guess I prefer their Gyudon Style Beef Wagyu Sinigang more than this one. The Wagyu slices in this beef sinigang dish were served in a bowl, together with tomatoes and fried water spinach leaves. Served separately was the sour sinigang beef broth on a little tea pot which you can pour into your bowl of Wagyu. The gang will definitely have a swell time with this sinigang as it was filled with so much SWAG-yu. You can have this one for only Php495.

I also had a taste of their Tokwa and Seafood offering. Instead of the usual pig’s ears and pork belly, this appetizer had shrimps and tanigue in it. Priced at Php395, this one was crunchy and it tasted nice too, I find it so TOK-wonderful! Like Kilawin and Tokwa’t Baboy in one.

If sinful and satisfying meals is your thing, their Aligue Palabok can knock you down. My other foodies ALIGUE with me, it was reallt tasty and full of flavor!

After having a rundown of all the dishes I had at Neil’s Kitchen, I am so hoping that reading this blog would make you check out the place for yourself. With everything I had in their restaurant, it seems like Chef Neil has NEILED it.

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