I was recently invited to experience a freshly renewed rooftop spot in the perpetually bustling Poblacion. City Garden Hotel, along Kalayaan Ave., has revitalized Encima Roofdeck Restaurant. It’s now open again to serve customers looking to relax and unwind, all the while basking in the sunset or until the wee hours of the night.

The event was called The Chef’s Table, where Chefs Dennis Peralta, Chef Mario Bassig showed their culinary muscles in a live cooking demonstration. But it’s Encima’s Tex-Mex offerings that stole the spotlights on a night of food, drinks, and great company overlooking the Makati skyline.

At their kitchen bar was where the magic was going to happen. There, the sumptuous star dishes of the restaurant were to be showcased on how to make and plate them. The chefs roll up their sleeves and start getting busy with their hands as the attentive guests gather.

For such a modest space, it’s quite inviting. A lot of room to breathe precisely because it has open windows instead of walls. It also has a nice garden-like feel with some greenery adorning the ledges and the columns. Definitely a relaxing environment. The place is naturally ventilated allowing the cool winds and breeze to pass through completely. Might be a problem when it rains, though.

So, this is the deal: Everything Bottomless at Php650. Order-all-you-can Tex-Mex food plus bottomless Margaritas and Sangrias too! We had a very generous sampling of the bangers that Encima offers. There was Chili con Carne, Chilli Pork Ribs, Pineapple Adobo Chipotle Wings, Mexican Fried Rice, Colorful Nacho Chips, Watermelon Ricotta y Jicama Salad, Esquites and Elotes. My, oh my, were the Elotes just a delight. For you guys who haven’t heard of this Mexican street food wonder, Elotes are grilled corn slathered in butter, cheese, salt, pepper, and the tangy twist of lime. The esquites, on the other hand, are the same as Elotes except that it’s been shredded. And their Churros are just absolutely sweet delicious. Just the right amount of starchiness and sweetness. Have it with Chili Chocolate, Mango Sauce or Dulce de Leche, or on its own.

Chili Pork Ribs, Huevos Rancheros, Hard shell Tacos, Chimichangas, Chicken Burrito, Shrimp Fajitas and Cigarillos Taquitos were the featured ones as made by the chefs. It’s always a delight how Mexican food is vibrant, flavourful and just overall an experience. And Encima got it right. Perfectly seasoned meat, crunch and crisp of fresh vegetables, creamy guacamole and delightfully sharp salsa.

Also check out their Mezcal cocktail selections! Mezcal is another liquor native to Mexico, like its more popular brother, Tequila. Get the Paloma Point for a fruity flavor with a nice and deep flavor. Get the Schrodinger’s Cat for a smoky taste to the mouth.

Come to Encima for an elevated experience with some amazing and bottomless Tex-Mex food and cocktails straight off of the bar without leaving a hole in your pocket.

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