It actually pays to explore every nook and cranny of a food park. Especially when it’s fairly new! You never know what you come across among all the stalls competing for diners. Such is the case in Buendia Food by the Court.

Rojak Salad is a curious stall at the side of the basketball court. Its namesake is the dish that they serve, which is the Rojak Salad.

It’s an Asian salad commonly found in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. It’s a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables and some shrimp, topped with Rojak Salad’s version of the dressing. The zest and tang of the dressing go very well with the crunch of the salad. Although the taste could be a little strong, mention to the nice attendant to not get carried away in the dressing.

Such a hearty salad! Drop by the stall next time you visit Buendia Food by the Court. It’s definitely a refreshingly healthy choice.

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