I’ve been having so much sugar as of late and I still indulge myself with one of the premier gelato stalls around, Morelli’s. After a brunch at nearby Gyu Kaku which is owned by the same group, Global Restaurant Concepts Inc.

, I stepped out and got dessert here.

There is definitely fascination in how they present their ice cream, which they usually top with other products to draw you into it.  And it’s only Php 100 per scoop, it’s so worth it given its quality and authenticity.

I got my usual Chocolate Mint, my all time go to flavor. This gave me an instant refreshing feel, a welcome treat on an unusually sunny day. I paired this with Chocolate, my next favorite flavor of all time. Its bittersweet touch was like no other. I also loved its fudgy texture.

They got 18 flavors, and you have a maximum four taste opportunities. I wish I could have all of them, but my sugar is getting on the way.

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