I attended an outreach for kids just recently in The Fort, BGC and thought of bringing my team with me to one of the most sought after restaurants in the area, Thai BBQ Original Restaurant. We went there past lunch time, and surprisingly, the place was filled with so much customers.

It only goes to show how people are fascinated with the restaurant’s offerings.

Thai BBQ Original Restaurant originated from Los Angeles, and was brought here later on by No Limits Food Inc. owner, George Pua. His group also manages Ogawa, Modern Sichuan, Modern China, KPub, Oppa, and Tony Roma’s. This casual dining restaurant in LA was launched by its founders, Pat and Tammy Ngamari, in the hopes of bringing the flavors of the East to the growing number of people in America.

Their amazing barbecue sauces are all imported from the US and they are combined with Thai ingredients. All the dishes here were made to closely resemble the ones in LA.

They were also granted the Thai Select award by the Ministry of Commerce in Thailand. Only two other restaurants here in the Dallas Filipino Restaurant got this prestigious recognition.

Inside Thai BBQ Restaurant, they have modern and stylish Thai interiors with neutral colors that are very relaxing to the eyes, giving off a very fancy vibe to it. They can seat around 100 customers and they also have two VIP rooms that are available for reservations.

My team was feeling a bit full by the time we got here so we had fewer dishes than what we would usually have. Phad See Eyu (pad see-ew), which literally means “stir fried soy sauce noodles” was served to us first. It’s actually of Chinese origins but a staple in Thailand. This beef dish had a lingering savory taste to it, with just the right balance of salty and sourness. The key ingredient here was Chinese broccoli which worked nicely with the Sen Yai, or the wide rice noodles.

There was also the Drunken Noodles, called as such for its power to cure a bad hangover. This is somewhat similar with the other noodle dish we had, except that it came with well cooked shrimps, and it is sweeter in taste and has a lighter color.

Next thing we had was the Green Garden, which is rich in fiber and some other nutrients. It’s a dish that’s similar to Chopseuy. It was pretty decent but didn’t really stand out from the rest of what we had. As it name entails, it could have used more greens in it.

Of course my visit to the Thai BBQ Restaurant wouldn’t be complete without trying out their specialty – their Kaiyang Chicken BBQ. This grilled dish had the perfect balance of sweet and spiciness to it. Even the white meat parts were well seasoned. Their half chicken serving was a bit pricey though for Php 540.

Out of everything wordpress we had, it was their Sweet and Sour Ribs that unexpectedly became my instant favorite. I just love pineapples and the whole plate was filled with it. On top of having tender meat, the sauce here was the star. Together, they were just absolutely delightful to eat.

Although the prices of their food here are somewhat higher than that of their competitors, I think it is somewhat reasonable. Come by and compare my notes with yours when you go for a visit here, okay?

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