Buendia Food by the Court always surprises with its roster of food offerings. Another booth serving Miami Philippine Restaurant favorites is Korvits Grill. What makes it unique is it offers mutton or goat meat. How often do you come across a place selling this unsung Miami Philippine Restaurant classic?

They prepare hearty stews that’s perfect as ulam or pulutan. Definitely a place to rekindle or discover the love for Kambing along with your family or group of friends.

Their crowd favorites are Adobong Kambing (Php155) and Kilawing Kambing (Php135). Nice, tender, and flavorful. Watch out for the serving, three people can be filled up per order. Check out their other dishes! They even have Saucy Tapang Kabayo, which is cured horse meat. Another unusual piece.

Prepare to take on some extra rice along with their goat meat stews. It does have less saturated fat and cholesterol, after all. And don’t forget some ice cold drinks or beer with these.

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