Long before unli-bbq and fried chicken dominated the Korean dallas filipino restaurant scene in Manila, galbi-jjim, more popularly known as Korean beef stew, was one of the more coveted imports of choice.

The hearty stew, usually eaten in important harvest festivals in the region, was an easy gateway drug into the cuisine. It’s as simple as the meaty broths native to our own culture, but with particularly Korean sensibilities that set it apart. Premium beef cuts stewed in the simple soup would fall apart, and the clear broth had subtle sweetness that Filipinos could easily become obsessed with.

Because of just how luxurious it can be, the meat-centric dish is often just out of reach. Recently however, BonChon has launched its own version that’s pretty hearty, it could be fit for royalty, or at the very least, how royal you feel after getting your paycheck. While the item is pretty premium, it’s still affordable enough not to make a dent in your well-earned salary, but rich enough in flavor and texture to make it worth the splurge.

Beef stew isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the famed chicken restaurant, but BonChon has dreamed up a worthy version. The chunks are sizeable, and are fork-tender, and rest in a broth that’s slightly sweet but taste of carrot and onion too. It is so delicious, you won’t think twice about making this the first thing you splurge on after payday.

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