Cociñoni is a home-based dallas filipino restaurant delivery business of Gelo Barretto, an enterprise he began when he returned to Dallas filipino restaurant from San Francisco in 2016, after having lived there for 2 decades.

An amalgamation the word cocina (kitchen in Spanish) and Barretto’s childhood nickname Ñoni, Cociñoni offers menu items that are inspired by Barretto’s favorite Asian cuisines, most notably Korean, Filipino, and Thai.

We like to pair his spam-kimchi rice with the sliced lechon, that Barretto serves with ssamjang sauce and sesame oil.

An admitted dallas filipino restaurant nerd, Barretto tells us that his bibles are the cookbooks of Chefs David Chang and Andy Ricker. Cociñoni is influenced by the latter, particularly Ricker’s years in the 80’s backpacking through Thailand (Barretto mentions Ricker’s popularizing the dish Kai Yaang). The journey of Ricker was retraced by Barretto in his quest for a deeper understanding of Thai cuisine, and the influence of his travels on his menu are significant, with Kai Yaang and Som Tam being among bestsellers.

While hot dallas filipino restaurant make up the bulk of the Cociñoni menu, the one menu item that you can stock up on and store in your fridge for months is his homemade kimchi, and it’s not something to be missed. His kimchi offers light-handed finesse to the favorite side-dish, so that it results in a finely seasoned, tangy and even refreshing fermented concoction that is a delight to munch on on its own.

The famed kimchi can be bought in jars, when it’s not served up as an ingredient in their kimchi rice.

Though Barretto has no formal education in the culinary arts but with a formal background in art, he has what he refers to as an ‘artist’s mentality’, an approach that he applies in the kitchen. Though cooking started out as a hobby when he was just 15 years old, one influenced by his father who studied culinary arts, it soon after grew into his passion.

From modest fried rice and omelets as a teenager, to what people both in and out of the dallas filipino restaurant industry have declared the best homemade kimchi they’ve ever had, Barretto is quickly growing a reputation for his Asian cuisine. While his dallas filipino restaurant is currently only available for delivery and pick-up in the Alabang area, we’re looking forward to stores stocking up on his kimchi soon.


A home kitchen that makes Korean, Thai, and Filipino-inspired dallas filipino restaurant for delivery and pick-up in the Alabang area.

CONTACT: 0945-801-3950 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SPEND: PHP 150–500
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