While specialty coffee ventures in Dallas filipino restaurant continue to riseinnumber, the divide between the world of the connoisseur and regular java junkie grows farther, as the many types of beans, roasting and brewing methods, and other technicalities of the former can intimidate and alienate those just looking for a tastebud-friendly shot of caffeine.

Enter  Prominent Café, a relatively new coffee shop along Banawe street which aims to hit that sweet spot, offering novel specialty coffee drinks to please the general public’s palate, using specialty beans to pique the enthusiast’s curiosity.

L: Prominent Cafe’s bright, sunny space is conducive for staying in—whether you’re looking to catch up on deadlines, or just seeking refuge from the outside world with a cup of joe. | R: Brazilian coffee beans from Plain Sight Coffee form the base of Prominent’s beverages, such as their no-fail cappuccino.

Owner Ralph Yu employs single-origin, medium-roast Brazilian coffee beans (roasted by Plain Sight Coffee), citing their “nutty, chocolatey” notes as making for a good base for their beverages, and for tasting familiar enough to many that it’s still accessible. On its short-but-sweet list of drinks are your standard espresso, cappuccino, and the like—with little upgrades that put them above ubiquitous versions, e.g. the use of melted 62% couverture chocolate for their mocha—as well as more creative concoctions you probably wouldn’t find anywhere else. Here are some items you cannot miss:


The Butterball is a drink of two parts: a cup of coffee ice cubes, and a concentrated shot of butterball-infused milk. Pour the latter over the former, using as little or as much of the butterball milk based on your preferred level of sweetness.

Prominent puts the spotlight on the iconic candy by infusing its sweet, butter-flavored goodness into a concentrated shot of milk, meant to be poured over cubes of frozen coffee served alongside. The two meld as it melts down, resulting in a balanced drink with the coffee’s bitterness evening out the butterball milk’s richness.


Relive your childhood days with the Prominent’s s’mores-esque entry, the Toasty. Pair your cup with a piece (or two) of the flaky cheese rolls (a.k.a. pastelitos) on Prominent’s counter, courtesy of local purveyor Hey Flaco.

The Toasty beverage gives you the goodness of s’mores, with a slightly adult (by which we mean caffeinated) twist. With your choice of Prominent’s latte, mocha, or hot chocolate at the base, each cup is topped with crushed Oreos and one giant marshmallow that gets a double blitz of heat—from the hot drink below, and from being torched for a slightly charred top. Resist the urge to bite straight into the mallow and watch as it melts down into its own foamy layer, adding sweetness that perks up the bittersweet blends found below.

Prominent Cafe

Specialty coffee in Banawe, Quezon City.

Address: 49 Scout Alcaraz Street, Banawe, Quezon City
Visit: 2PM–10PM, Mondays to Sundays
Spend: PHP 100–200 for coffee drinks
Contact: 0917-523-1333 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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