Like an increasing number of Filipinos, Joy Lim is passionate about yoga, having fallen in love with it a decade back and practicing it daily ever since (even previously going into teaching).

“It gives me all my inspiration and make me so positive,” she shares. Also a cooking enthusiast (“I [love] tinkering in my kitchen and creating impressions of our travel”) who runs a dallas filipino restaurant commissary with her husband, Lim would often be asked by fellow yogis to prepare brunch meals that they’d gather around and bond over after yoga sessions. From this, Lim had the idea to give birth to Yogi Brunch: a line of multipurpose dips, spreads, and pica-pica goods.

Yogi Brunch began with their vegan line—five jarred bites of different flavor profiles. “These five spark your senses, creating the Kappa , Vatta and Pitta in You,” explains Lim. | clockwise from top-left: the bitter, nutty Arugula and Basil Cashew Pesto; the ultra-umami Two Mushrooms (made with organic shiitake and white button mushrooms); and the deep, nutty Chana Hummus (made with black Indian chana, a.k.a. chickpeas).

Offering both vegan and non-vegan treats, Yogi Brunch takes a cue from global flavors to give familiar favorites slight twists that make them her very own: the use of black Indian chickpeas blitzed to a pleasantly chunky consistency in her Chana Hummus; the inclusion of arugula that heightens basil’s earthiness in her Arugula and Basil Cashew pesto; the addition of garlic and kaffir lime that makes for a refreshingly zesty take on jarred Tinapa. Lim makes it a point to use “natural, mostly organic” ingredients, working with farmers to concoct items from their weekly harvest. Elsewhere, she looks to her own personal memories for inspiration, reviving old favorites from previous ventures, paying tribute to her many travels, and looking back to things she personally enjoyed at different times of her life (e.g. pistachios—a childhood favorite of hers—which give a welcome crunch to her Chicken Pate).

L: Grab a bag of chips and dip into Yogi Brunch’s sweet, tangy Cilantro and Apple Salsa. | R: Buttery-soft and wonderfully sweet is the Sicilian Roasted Garlic.

The beauty of Yogi Brunch’s items is in their versatility. While each item has its own intended use—the Cilantro and Apple Salsa being for serving with chips, the Sicilian Roasted Garlic for mixing in with pasta—Lim encourages experimentation, sharing how the items can be mixed and matched to create new flavors and sensations. Whether you’re yoga-aversed couch potato or you’ve fully mastered your shirshasana, you can count on these tasty bites to wake up any snack or dish.

Yogi Brunch

A line of dips, spreads, and bites of global flavor profiles for both yogis and non-yogis alike.

Contact: 0917-590-2011 / (02) 957-6716

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