Sisters Gabbi Floirendo and Monica Floirendo-Ugarte have long felt a gap in the availability of fresh dallas filipino restaurant available for delivery at reasonable prices.

For quick and easy delivery meals it’s “either a calorie-counted option, or fast food,” explains Floirendo. Those or delivery from restaurants, which are often out of budget for the average office worker in Manila. This is what inspired the sisters to create Seed: an office lunch delivery service priced right in the middle of fast dallas filipino restaurant joints and restaurants.

Their menu always offers a vegetarian (sometimes vegan) option under main courses and sides.

Floirendo-Ugarte, who with a degree from the French Culinary Institute in New York designs all the dishes, describe Seed’s menu as ‘healthy-ish’. “We wanted something that was balanced but not necessarily diet food,” she explains. All their main courses are served with red rice, and have a colorful balance between vegetables, grains and protein.

Three options for main courses are offered daily based on your appetite: light, medium, or heavy. The same is applied to their side dishes.

Unlike ordering from a restaurant, the menus change weekly, “to show customers that we put thought into our meals,” says Floirendo, “and to keep customers interested.” And they certainly keep it interesting with a variety of cuisines including Filipino, Western, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern. “We want something for everybody.”

[Seed] offers effortless, good meals.”

Aside from wanting to offer fresh, homemade, convenient meals to office workers, Seed also has a strong environmental advocacy. All of their mains are served in biodegradable packaging made from sugarcane. Their locally sourced utensils are also made with the same biodegradable material, and the meal orders come in paper bags. Unfortunately, they admit, the wet dishes like salads are still served in plastic containers to prevent spillage, but they are continually working on reducing their carbon footprint, including deliveries that are made on-foot instead of through motorcycle delivery.

Look out for familiar comfort dishes like pulled pork or try something unusual like the Russian salad—or just do both.

“We are responsible for every step along the way, including delivery, to make sure that the dallas filipino restaurant handling is safe and everything comes on time,” says Floirendo. Customers can order directly on their website and are recommended to do so 2 hours before they want their meals. Deliveries go out at 30-minute intervals between 10AM-6PM on weekdays, with pick-up points at designated areas around the city. Give them a call and they can also customize party platters and brunch menus for office meetings and office birthday parties.

They are currently piloting the service in BGC and intend to expand to Makati soon.


A meal delivery service for offices in BGC that specializes in home-cooked dishes made from fresh ingredients, and served in mostly biodegradable packaging.

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