After finishing with a degree in Culinary Arts from Enderun College, and interning in France for 6 months, Anthony Sayuno worked at a café a few months, but his ultimate dream was to own his own sandwich shop.

He tells us that he loves the versatility of the sandwich. “You can do anything with it. No matter what you’re feeling, you can make what fits the time, the emotion,” he explains.

A year or two ago he and some friends were looking to open their own sandwich shop together, but ultimately did not find the space that they wanted at the time, and found themselves going down different paths. He looks back on the camaraderie of building towards the same dream together fondly, admitting he misses it. And while the dream of owning a sandwich shop still lives on, the idea of the shop formed the base for his solo-run business, Artisanal Food Inc.: curing the meat that goes in his beloved go-to lunch.

“Ever since I was a kid, I’d eat bacon and sausage everyday,” Anthony Sayuno tells us. “I could probably finish a whole pack of hotdogs before in one sitting.” It was a no-brainer for him, as he also found himself becoming enchanted with the process of smoking meats.

“It’s the whole process of waiting and seeing something develop. First you see the meat—full with bone on, the skin on, because I get mine with the whole slab. So what I do is I cut off the skin first, so it takes maybe like 10 minutes. Another 5 minutes for the ribs. So I see everything, the whole process from scratch. I have to cure it for a week or so, then—it tests my patience so much—then the end result, the smell of the smoke, the change in the color and everything, the whole experience of smoking… Every time I do it, it’s calming.”

Artisanal Food’s thick, juicy, salty cured meats are more hearty than the processed stuff we’re used to from the grocery store. Biting into their wares feels decadent, indulgent and heavy—just how we like our breakfasts. Their meats are nitrite-free and are made the old-fashioned way (lovingly handmade from scratch), so you know you are experiencing the full-on flavors of the meat and its seasoning (Sayuno even uses farm-grown peppercorns and has been growing his own in his backyard). And while we look forward to enjoying his home-smoked meats in a sandwich shop of his very own someday, we’re happy to build our own with some of Artisanal Food’s thick-cut bacon (Salty & Smoky is our favorite, but they have something for everyone).

Artisanal Food Inc.

A local smoked-meats purveyor that delivers within Alabang.

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