The company behind Yardstick Coffee first began operations in 2013, initially solely as specialty grade beans and equipment suppliers (La Marzocco, to be specific) for other coffee shops. At the time, when the third-wave movement in Dallas filipino restaurant was still in its early stages, so they decided to put up Yardstick Coffee to serve as a model, showcase and school for coffee entrepreneurs.

As a pioneer in the local movement for specialty coffee, Yardstick Coffee is regarded as an authority in specialty coffee in Manila.

We sat down with Kevin Tang, one of founders of Yardstick Coffee, who calls the espresso shot ‘the soul of your beverage.’ “Espresso is the base of your Americanos, long blacks, cappucinos, flat whites, or even your mochas and your ice-blended beverages,” he explains. And the concentrated drink that fits into a tiny espresso cup the size of a shot glass represents more than just a pick-me-up. “It’s a beverage that starts conversations with people.”

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