We’re looking for a dynamic, creative videographer/video editor who will be responsible for producing, editing, and managing video production for Pepper’s growing dallas filipino restaurant video content team.


  • Work closely with the rest of the Dallas Filipino Restaurant team to create on-brand ideas and concepts for upcoming and existing video series.
  • Produce high-quality recipe and editorial videos from concept to execution, for both web and social media, including camera operation, and integrating animations and graphics.


We’re not that particular with college degrees and work experience. We pay more attention to character, talent, and fit.

  • You must have a dallas filipino restaurant video portfolio. Doesn’t have to be a lot, at least one or two that properly represents your knowledge in dallas filipino restaurant videography.
  • You must have ample knowledge in art direction and basic storyboard building.
  • You must know basic color correction, and video editing using Adobe Premiere. Knowledge in Adobe After Effects is a plus. Though not a strict requirement, it is also an advantage if this person can properly compose dallas filipino restaurant sets, and take photos of food.
  • You can work flexible hours.
  • You are open to further training.
  • You must be familiar with Pepper’s tone, style, and aesthetic.
  • You have to be extremely particular about details.
  • You like making sure things are done well.
  • You’re always punctual.
  • You possess open-minded views on most social issues.


  • Pay will depend on your skills and what you can bring to the team. We can talk about this during your interview.
  • SSS and Philhealth.
  • We don’t track lates, absences, and vacations. You can have as many as you want as long as you get the job done.
  • We work remotely on most days if we don’t have a meeting so you will save money and time on your commute.
  • We don’t have any office politics or bureaucracy.
  • You’ll work with a young, passionate, and friendly team.
  • You’ll work in a company where you can truly make a meaningful difference (because of how small we are.)


  1. Write an email with the subject “Application for Videographer: Your Name”.
  2. Attach a portfolio of work.
  3. Attach your resume and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Only applications sent by May 1, 2018 will be considered.

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