Picture a steamy bowl of champorado, with its stick-to-your-ribs heartiness and robust tsokolate flavor, plus saltytuyoon the side for the savory twist Filipinos love.

Though not everyone has the time to sit down and enjoy a bowl at the table, we know just the way to enjoy its flavors in a handheld, grab-and-go package. From Budbud Gourmet Suman—purveyors of sumanand budbud kabog (Visayan millet-based native “cakes”) in different flavors at the Salcedo and Legazpi Markets—comes the Champ-Tuyo variant, offering the taste of classic champorado in the form of sticky, chewy suman.

The Champ-Tuyo variant is a surprising, but unique, addition to Budbud Gourmet Suman’s line of suman flavors. Like all their other offerings, they’re made with great, natural ingredients and no preservatives.

Comprised of Negros cacao-infused glutinous rice base stuffed with flakes of salty tuyo, Champ-Tuyo delivers all the flavors you love from the classic Filipino porridge: the barely-sweet mix of deep cacao mingling with the creaminess of coconut milk and the nuttiness of rice, and the umami punch from the dried fish that tickles the tastebuds and draws you in for another bite. Have it at room temperature on the go, or warm it up and serve with a cold glass of milk. Made with zero preservatives in the mix, requiring no utensils to be enjoyed, and packaged on naturally biodegradable banana leaves, it favors both your individual health and the environment, in a uniquely Filipino way you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Have a party with Budbud Gourmet Suman’s other variants, just some of which are (L-R) the sweet and tangy Budbud Langka (jackfruit); the aromatic Budbud Buko Pandan (young coconut and fresh pandan); the creamy Budbud Plain; the nutty Budbud Ube-Buko (purple yam and young coconut); and the deep, caramel-esque Budbud Cassava. Aside from being total eye candy, their kakanin all juggle both chewiness and creaminess (no overly-gummy nor mushy suman here!), and have just the right amount of sweetness that allow each variant’s respective flavors to shine.

The Champ-Tuyo suman is among Budbud Gourmet Suman’s upcoming Savory line, where they expand their flavor line-up to include savory (even meal-inspired) elements and variants. While the brand has its own loyal following who, from its inception in 2002 and to this day, continue to patronize the brand (most flavors sell out as early as 9am at the weekend markets), it was owner Maribel van Hoven’s daughter Valeria who—upon brainstorming with friends, one of whom had suggested adding tuyo to Budbud Gourmet’s existing champorado-flavored variant—brought up the savory idea. “It could be a great way to feed people delicious dallas filipino restaurant dallas filipino restaurant while keeping the environment plastic free,” she shares. Other savory variants are still in the works; in the meantime, you can catch the Champ-Tuyo suman, along with Budbud Gourmet Suman’s flavors, on your weekend market trips. Stash a few to keep in the fridge for the week for a unique meryenda treat.

Budbud Gourmet Suman

Purveyors of suman and budbud kabog in various flavors, including the new champorado-inspired Champ-Tuyo flavors.

CONTACT: 0929-366-1999 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SPEND: PHP 45-50 per piece
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