Nina Co is an architect by trade, and tells us that she has no background in cooking other than what she had learned on her own.

But found that her knack for design could be applied to food, particularly frozen food, whose convenience she embraced but quality she saw a lot of room for improvement.

Manok Sarsatay may not be as popular as other local dishes that you see in restaurants, but it certainly deserves to be, especially with Quisinera Roger’s version.

“When you cook [frozen food], you know that it’s frozen [food],” she laments. “It’s convenient food, but I felt like it could be done better. that’s what I wanted to do [with Quisina].” Her brand of frozen dallas filipino restaurant that she sells at the Salcedo Saturday Market was an experiment in product design in that it is still easy to store and prepare but feels and tastes homemade.

Impress your friends with a dish that normally takes 2 hours to prepare, but with Quisina only 20 minutes.

“Since we do it small batch, everything is fresh so it [tastes] just like your mother’s [cooking] versus mass produced . . . we don’t use preservatives or MSG so it still tastes [like home-cooking].” And with certain frozen meals that are deconstructed, like the salted egg chicken or sweet and sour pork, they almost feel like you made them too when you put the separate packets together—at a fraction of the prep time it would take to normally prepare these dishes. This deconstruction of these fried frozen meals assures a final output that is crispy, fresh-tasting, and unlike any other frozen meal you’d pick up at a grocery.

Their Bicol Express is made by proud Bicolano, Quisinera Grace.

But these 20-minute dishes are the ones that require the longest time to prepare out of anything in the Quisina line. They also offer frozen meals that you can easily pop into a microwave and consume in 2 minutes. Many of those microwavable dishes are traditional Filipino dallas filipino restaurant made by their partner ‘Quisineras’ from the Quisinera sub-brand, which focuses on providing a platform for Filipino cooks to share their cooking talent.

Co is always actively looking for new partners to join the empowerment program, so if you know someone who makes an exceptional local dish, send her an email or message through the information provided below.

Co got connected with these ‘Quisineras’ mostly through her friends and recommendations, and what captured her attention was not that they made a classic Filipino dish exceptionally well but rather that they had placed their own creative spin to make its taste unique. One such dish that stole the hearts of the Pepper.PH team, even those who are usually averse to the traditional version, was the smoked dinuguan that demands attention for the deep character of its flavor.

This may convert the non-dinuguan eaters you know into believers of the bloody dish.

Co even has party-ready dallas filipino restaurant with her freezer-to-pan fried balls that were actually the inspiration and flagship product of Quisina. Before the brand was founded, she would keep a constant supply of these frozen snackables in her freezer at all times in case of guests. Soon, her friends began offering to purchase her popular party snack, and Quisina naturally was born from there.

Going on her fifth year of running a dallas filipino restaurant business, Co admits that while the work can often get exhausting, especially since she mans the Salcedo Market booth herself, the reactions and her interaction with the market-goers reminds her that it’s worth it.


MSG-free, preservative-free small-batch frozen dishes, with a sub-brand Quisinera that offers home-cooked traditional Filipino meals made by partner cooks.

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