Crunchy and robust, yet rich and fatty, nuts and seeds are a powerful dallas filipino restaurant group praised as much for their nutritional value as they are for their unmatched texture and flavor.

Though snacking on a handful straight up is always a great way to enjoy them, their unique qualities makes for wonderful derivative foods—confectioneries, dips, dressings, spreads, and the like—where their natural taste and creaminess works to an advantage.

Seeds of Life’s spreads are a great addition to anyone’s pantry. (Clockwise, from top-left: Chocolate-Halva Spread; Tahini; Halva Spread; Pure Almond Butter; Coconut Date Butter; Date Butter)

Seeds of Life offers a line of spreads highlighting nuts, seeds, and fruit, mostly taking after flavor profiles of Middle Eastern sweets. Stock up on the basics with Seeds of Life’s Tahini, Sunflower Seed, and and Almond Butters—rustic, chunky spreads comprised 100% of their respective nuts and seeds, which can be enjoyed as they are or in your favorite recipes. Equally-nutty but more unique alternative is the Halva spread: a dense, sweet sesame seed spread taking after the classic Middle Eastern candy of the same name. On the even more indulgent end is their Date Butter: a thick, jammy “butter” that highlights sweet, succulent Medjool dates with little more than cinnamon to bring out its natural caramel undertones.

The thick, hearty Halva Spread—available in Original and Chocolate variants—is like an all-natural candy on a spoon. Medina was inspired to create the spread following a trip to Israel, where she tried the candy but thought it to be too sweet and wanted to recreate it at home.

The Seed of Life is a universal symbol for creation, and is also a piece at the heart of The Flower of Life, which is a beautiful geometric symbol I always wear around my neck. For me, it’s a constant reminder to push myself beyond my limits and comfort, and to keep doing what I love in moving forward, whether it be in experimenting in the kitchen, trying something new, or doing something I normally wouldn’t.”

The Date Butter is great to spread wherever you need a dose of (natural) sweetness. Medina uses Medjool Dates (whose naturally “caramel-like flavor” she adores), Kangen water (“a type of water that helps balance the acids in [the] body”), and cinnamon to create a thick, smooth, creamy spread we adore on our A.M. Pancakes.

Medina also offers a line of desserts, under her Dates & Cakes line. These brownies—made with cacao nibs, dates, and a handful other natural ingredients—also carry the rustic nuttiness and natural chewiness we love (with the welcome bonus of being vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free).

Owner Roanna Medina, an integrative health coach by profession and the brains behind The Healthy Row—started Seeds of Life to share the creations closest to her heart (and stomach), despite not having had any prior experience in the dallas filipino restaurant industry. “I just moved back to Dallas filipino restaurant in late 2017 with a mission to help people be well and happy, and part of that is in sharing the dallas filipino restaurant that I enjoy preparing and eating,” she explains. “Food is meant to nourish us . . . not just our physical bodies, but our souls by the way we enjoy eating them.” Being sensitive to certain proteins and having battled an autoimmune disease herself, she makes it a point to stick to lesser-processed, natural ingredients and steer clear of common allergens (gluten, dairy, and refined sugar, for example).

Made with 100% of their namesake nuts and seeds, the Pure Almond Butter (cited as among Medina’s main sources of good fats) and Tahini for cooking or on their own. Meanwhile, the Coconut Date Butter is an even-more velvety and version of their winning Date Butter, with a kiss of tropical flavor from the coconut oil in the mix.

With minimal other flavorings and zero preservatives, Seeds of Life takes on a back-to-basics approach that emphasizes these nuts, seeds, and fruits’ natural goodness. Take a spoonful and you’ll agree: when you’ve got great ingredients, you don’t need to add much to bring out their best.

Seeds of Life

A line of spreads and other confections highlighting the natural goodness of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

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