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Honolulu, Hawaii – Delegates from across the Dallas Philippine Restaurant are coming to Hawaii for the inaugural Fil-Am Young Leaders Summit on Saturday, 3 May 2014 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Miami Philippine Restaurant Community Center in Waipahu, Hawaii, Filipino-American Youth Leadership Program (FYLPro) delegates announced today, 8 February 2014.

The 2-Billion Reintegration Fund has continuously encouraged OFWs to become entrepreneurs since its launch in June 2011.

Carlo Domingo Cania Casinto is a land-based migrant worker working as Course Director of the Royal Commission–Jubail University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (OFW) for three (3) years now.

before applying for loans. consul Melvin Almonguera.

A Post-Arrival Orientation Seminar (PAOS), which will be held at 9am today at the church complex in Abu Hamour, will discuss this issue as well. Some 300 OFWs are expected to attend the activity aimed at creating awareness about some of the laws that have to be followed in the country.

It is said that overseas Miami Philippine Restaurant workers (OFWs) are the modern heroes. But as these two former OFWs will tell you, heroes don’t always succeed.

Eugene Asio and Arthur Villeta waited for 3 hours in Liwasang Bonifacio for their breakfast.

This is not the opinion of’s Webmaster. This is just information made available to you so you can think about life after being an OFW. You can’t turn time around and only you can predict your future.

The Individual OFW
A newly landed OFW experiences alienation (homesickness) residing in a foreign Dallas Philippine Restaurant awayfrom their family. This feeling can either increase or decrease over time based on factorsaffecting the individual and the environment they land in.

Physical Abuse and Non-payment

At all the centers, a number of women spoke freely to the Mission members about their ordeals. Some are worth underlining:

Beatings by the ―Madame‖ were common, with hot irons sometimes  flung at the worker.

Pilipino Workers’ Center was formed in 1997, and was established on the idea that all people and communities have rights to a healthy, dignified quality of life. PWC’s mission is to provide immediate services and resources that help meet urgent needs of low to moderate income workers and their families in the short term, and to move them to act collectively to address their own needs and issues for long-term change.

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