Have you ever felt the strong urge to go home just because you're so homesick and the only thing that could satisfy it is if you get a taste of home? Have you experienced searching up available Filipino restaurants in your area and have been disappointed mainly because you can't find a SINGLE ONE! Of course some asian restaurants do help quench your thirst for some soups and coconut juice, it's the same TASTE but not the same FEELING! Have you experienced really strong cravings while you're pregnant and you have been beating yourself up or (your husband for that matter) for not getting just a pack of Piattos or Nova? (Yes! It could have been an easy fix if those were just available in Aleng Neneng's or nearby sari-sari stores) Have you experienced missing your childhood years and wishing that you'd be reunited with your old pals enjoying the same old Filipino food you snack on during recess time? Here are just a few of my sentiments and it is still something that I'm still struggling with even up to this day. Whoever can relate, raise your hands, lift them high as we rejoice for the long wait is finally over! WHOOHOO! Let your loneliness go away as you get a rewind of what it was once before, AND THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT IT'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE! 
PINOYHERE's objective is to cater to the needs of the Filipino community in USA. Our products mainly consist of wide array of Snacks that is ranging from banana chips, cakes, candies, chicharon, chips, chocolates, cookies, corn snacks, crackers, fish snacks, fruit snacks, jelly snacks, mangoes, mochi, nuts, pandesal, pinoy biscuits, polvoron, seed snacks and wafers. As the company expands, we will try our best to put in more Filipino products and product categories as we continue to provide to the primary needs of this community.

Our company is dedicated in providing our customers with the highest quality standards of Filipino products and excellent customer service as we strive to continually be the #1 Filipino retailer in the USA.

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